The Jungle warrior

Monkey with a mission

The rainforest is threatened. It is (illegally) cut down for palm oil production. The rainforests are the lungs of our earth, but the deforestation continues and that is not good for the planet, but also not good for us humans.

who am I?

the jungle

My name is Patrick van Gurp, The Jungle Warrior.        I committed myself to protect the rainforest in Indonesia, the country where I was born. Fighting for the rainforest in the role of a monkey in combination with breakdance. With dance and art I expose this ecological problem (or challenge) from an another perspective, with the aim to create more awareness. So that we all together will come in action and stop the destruction of the jungle.

Will you help me spreading the mission?

The program

monkey with a mission

1. Key note “The lungs of our earth”

A 30 minute key note about the beauty of the rainforest. the lungs of our earth. 
What can we learn from the biggest ecosystems of the planet. What are the threats? What are the causes of deforestation and why is this a very complex problem.

In this presentation I also do several dance performances.

2. Showcase “The last orang-utan dance”

A 10 minute performance about the last orang-utan. From a monkey’s perspective you will experience the beauty as well the destruction of his habitat.
In an interactive way, the audience is taken along in the fight against the big palmoil industry.

In this performance you will learn which descision you can make as a individual to stop the deforestation. 

The showcase is suitable to be used during seminars and conferences.

 3. Workshop The Rainforest Adventure

 A 1,5 hour workshop, specially created for teams and companies. You will be challenged to step out of your own roll as a human and to experience to move, behave and dance as an rainforest animal.

Through play, movement and dance challenges you will discover how animals connect, interact and co-operate. And how animals relate to nature.

A full interactive jungle experience

The story of the Jungle Warrior

senang and connection

As a child I had a big fascination with monkeys. The movement, the speed, the playfull and ofcourse the monkey pranks have always attracted me.  I also have a passion for breaking and many breaking moves and tricks are similar with the movement, the dynamics and the acrobatics of monkeys. This is no coincidence.

Within my dancing style, I have therefore applied these monkey movements.

Je titel komt hier

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Read more about me

Indonesia has many monkey species, with the orang-utan as the king of the jungle.
I visited the rainforests 3 times in my country of birth. 2 times in Sumatra and 1 time in Kalimantan.

For me, the rainforest is the most beatifull wonder of nature. The green color, the high humidity, the high biodiversity. It’s the biggest treasure of our planet.

There is nothing more beatifull. In the jungle I am totally “senang” and connected with myself.

However, the rainforests are threatened and the monkeys are threatened with extinction, especially the orang-utan.

The cause is the structureal deforestation with the result of disappearance of biodiversity. For our planet, this is a disaster with a big negative impact.

I am very concerned about this and that’s why I’m taking action to protect and preserve the rainforest.

With my performances, workshops and campaigns I ask for attention for this big ecological problem.

In Bukit Lawang the first seed was planted

With my passion for monkeys and dance I deliver my message

So that more people know how important jungles are to us

The mission of the Jungle Warrior

why am I doing this?

The way we as humans treat the planet is no longer sustainable. We all know that.
I want to be part of the change or even better: the improvement. Where people and nature are in balance again. I want to make a difference in my own way and fight for the restoration and reforestation of the rainforests in Indonesia and specifically on the island of Sumatra, where I was born.

What does the Jungle Warrior’s adventure look like?

1. With awareness

I draw attention to rainforest deforestation through monkey dance campaigns and key-note speeches.

2. Into action

Together with politics, cooperations and consumers we suggest new laws and regulations to stop the deforestation.

3. Making impact

With 10% of the profits from my bookings I support partner Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme and actually make an impact on Sumatra.

promises of The Jungle Warrior

Dance and Play with a purpose

By dancing my story and mission I make sure that the destruction of the rainforests are  a no longer far distance problem. Let me take you on a jungle adventure. You trulely will get the feeling that you are the rainforest.

If you book a key-note, a performance, an energizer and or a workshop, you also contribute to the preservation, protection and restoration of the jungle in Indonesia.

I challenge you to dance, because dance is a powerfull means of connecting. It keeps you young and helps you to go from the head to the heart. Dance has no age limit. I teach you not to be ashamed of your creativity and self-expression.


enthusiastic clients

“”His nice personality and creativity makes working together pleasant.” 


Suus:Patrick is a born dancer. When he can link the dance to meaningful missions, this is reflected in his performance. And it is nice to also indirectly contribute to his mission in this way: ’the preservation of the rainforest’.

His involvement and curiosity mean that he can connect well with the message. His creativity and pleasant personality make it a pleasure to work together. I was able to experience this together with our chairman during the launch of Possible Impact. And it is still being talked about months after launch. Give him space and he will be there!”

Suus Reep - Possible Impact

“Through Patrick’s dance I feel it too.” 


Wiebe:“When Patrick starts dancing, an energy goes through the room that is contagious. I was really touched by his dancing. Because I know that Patrick is fighting for the rainforest, I automatically make the link between his dance and the rainforest. This gives it an extra dimension. I know that we are not doing the right thing when it comes to cutting down rainforest, but Patrick’s dance makes me feel it too. I feel the beauty of nature, which he portrays in his dance. This brings home the realization that we cannot lose this.”

Wiebe Bakker - Element Plek

“Give Patrick a stage, because it will tingle, sparkle and inspire.” 


Nelke:Patrick is full of energy and enthusiasm. If you combine that with his origins, his compassion, his conviction, his talents and his perseverance, these become the ideal ingredients for an inspiring performance.

As director of Stichting Theaterstudio Apeldoorn, I have had the opportunity to work with him for many years, in a pleasant, professional and sincere manner.
And for all these reasons, we recently resumed this collaboration and it has resulted in a foundation for art and  education: Project Lima. With 3 other professional dancers we develop projects with a social theme. In consultation with Patrick, our first topic is the rainforest. We want our performance, Rain in the Forest, to plant a seed in young children.

Give this Jungle Warrior a stage, a platform, speaking time, a camera, it doesn’t matter, it will tingle, sparkle and inspire.” 

Nelke van der Gaag - Project Lima


frequently asked questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about me and my services. If your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact me via the contact form.

How can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation via the “book now” button or fill in the contact form. I will contact you as soon as possible.

Are the performances also suitable for me?

The performances are suitable for a very varied audience. The combination of dance, entertainment, interaction and a serious message makes the performances suitable for young and old people.

Are the workshops suitable for me?

The workshops are suitable for everyone who loves dance, movement and games.

But if you don’t like this, I still wan’t to challenge you to rediscover the child within yourself and experience a Jungle Warrior Workshop.


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